How Do I RecoverHow Do I Recover

  • Restore lost Microsoft Word files, spreadsheets, pictures, and many more with ease
  • Award-winning tool to recover data from corrupt hard disk partitions
  • 100% safe and secure tool that doesn’t harm your computer
  • Support both Windows and Macintosh operating systems

How Do I Recover How Do I Recover

How Do I Recover How Do I Recover

Want to recover deleted or lost files?

In these recent days, the whole world has become computerized. Almost all work you do is based on computers itself. Even a small data loss scenario will leave your work unfinished. This may happen due to several reasons like hard drive crash, accidental deletion, partitioning errors, disk formatting etc. At such conditions, most of the people are tensed and begins to think of how do I recover data from a failed hard drive. From outside it looks as a big task for you as losing a file permanently from computer is not a small thing. Once you find a perfect data recovery tool, your work will be very simple. Normally, when searched on internet how do i recover files, you will come across a number of tools. But to get back your data efficiently, you have to go for Data Recovery software.

Data Recovery software helps you to restore all types of files lost by any means from your computer hard disk. If you are worrying about how do I recover deleted pictures, then simply use this software to get back all your pictures right back on your hard disk. It is considered to be a reliable tool that performs data recovery process accurately. The easy user-interface of this tool helps computer users to use this software without any problem.

Reasons for data loss:

Below mentioned are some scenarios where you might lose important data from your computer.

  • Accidental data loss: Important files from your computer may get lost due to accidental deletion of file by pressing Shift + Del manually or by emptying the Recycle Bin.
  • Formatting the hard disk: Whenever hard disk gets corrupted or inaccessible, you have to format the drive in order to use it again. When a disk is formatted, data contained within it will be erased. Know much more about how to recover files from formatted or failed hard disk on this link:
  • Power surge: Power failure during any work will cause computer to shutdown and you may lose some of your important files.
  • Partitioning errors: Wrong or deleted partition entry will cause partition error in hard disk drive. Installing an operating system in a drive, which already contains an OS in it, might even cause partitioning errors.
  • Virus attack: Viruses are the main reason that harm your files and file system resulting in loss of data or makes files inaccessible to the user.

To avoid data loss due to above scenarios or due to many other reasons, use following precautionary measures:

  • Regularly take backup of your important files and folders
  • Use updated antivirus program to fight against viruses

Apart from taking precautionary measures, you might lose data from your computer. In such situations, use Data Recovery software to get back your files. Using this tool, files deleted from hard disk, memory card, external hard disk can be easily recovered within a span of time. Files deleted by formatting hard disk, crashed hard drives, Recycle Bin deleted items can be easily restored. Whenever you delete any Word file then you don’t have to think of how do I recover Word documents. Just by using Data Recovery software, you can easily recover all the Word files, Excel files, AVI files, songs, text files, and everything.

Data Recovery software is comprised of various attractive features, they are:

  • Powerful scanning algorithm that performs deep scan of your system to recover lost data
  • Easily recover deleted pictures, songs, videos, documents, library files etc
  • Recover lost files from SATA, IDE, SCSI hard disk drives, SD cards, MMC cards, CF cards, USB drives etc
  • Option to add/edit new file signature for the file formats that are not listed
  • Preview option available to view the recovered media files before you restore them
  • You can save recovery session and resume it next time to skip scanning process

How Do I Recover How Do I Recover

How Do I Recover How Do I Recover

Recent Updates:

This software is recently upgraded to a new version to recover all data from Recycle Bin on Windows OS. If you emptied Recycle Bin or delete items using ‘Shift + Delete’ keys, no need to find any other tool, use this link to find solution for how do i recover Recycle Bin data in few steps:

Have you deleted files from Recycle Bin and want these files back? Just launch this advanced data recovery tool on your Windows system and experience fastest retrieval of files from Recycle Bin. For more information, you can use this link

Now, if you lose your priceless pictures from memory card in any circumstances, no need to find any other application. You can use this application to restore all types of images from SD, xD, CF or any other media device easily. If you need more help to perform this recovery operation. Go through this link:

Steps to Recover Lost or Deleted Files:

Step 1: Download and install Data Recovery software and upon launching, welcome screen will be shown as in figure 1.

How Do I Recover - Main Window

figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select the logical drive from where you want recover lost files and then click "Next" as shown in figure 2.

Lost or Deleted File Recovery - Select Partition

figure 2: Select Partition

Step 3: Click "Preview" button to view the recovered media files and restore the file to your computer as shown in figure 3.

Get Back Files - Save Recovered Files

figure 3: Save Recovered Files